Happy birthday, Langevo! Gift for betatesters


For over a year Langevo has been guiding you through the world of languages! Let’s ditch beta version and celebrate.

Informace a výhody předplatného Langevo

Wow, indeed, Langevo has grown to a one-year old :-) For more than a year we have been helping you learn vocabulary. As your feedback proves, there really is a reason to celebrate.

All players who have joined us before the release of the paid version will find their gift right in the game - 2-months subscription for free.

Well, have you ever seen a birthday party without gifts or cake for the birthday boy?

Thanks all our brave betatesters for hundreds of hours of testing and so much valuable feedback.

We believe you’ll be delighted. Thanks to your feedback, ideas and thousands of testing sessions, Langevo has managed to get so far. That’s why we decided to ditch beta and launch the real thing.

Any wishes for entering the new era? Tell us and join our celebrations!

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